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Fulfillment and Daily Order Services

fulfillment, distribution, warehousing, ordering, posFULFILLMENT
As in all industries, labels seldom provide adequate definitions. The fulfillment industry is no exception. Even though Quality Distribution and Fulfillment is labeled and classified as a fulfillment company, our actual service extends into the broader areas of program and project implementation and maintenance. We not only distribute your promotional products in a timely, cost-efficient, dependable, and professional manner but, in addition, we provide vital management information and control.

Order Limits
We do not set limits on our customers. If your business requires fulfillment on as little as 1 order per week or month, we value your business. Client orders range from as little as 5 orders per week to as many as 100 shipments per day. Our storage rates and flexibility allows our customers to pay for the actual square footage of inventory space occupied per month.

Special Projects Special projects, usually associated with a dated event, can range from something as small as a unique invitation to a store opening to something as large as the national introduction of a new product.

Whether assembly requires simple quantitative differences or complete product transformation, we provide maximum flexibility for production and implementation.

Special Programs
Special programs have a longer life span than special projects. Promotional products are warehoused and processed through our order entry system as required.

Special presentations require special attention. Sales kits, press releases, training manuals, and much, much more.
Various quantities and items combined into one. Complete kits to promote your product.
A transformation of your raw material into a finished product.
Until you need it, we provide the space, personnel, and equipment.
At your request, we ship it. A timely and economic response from order entry to the destination.
Management information at your fingertips. Shipment, inventory, and re-order points for each of your items.
No surprises. Your merchandise is inspected for quantity and quality upon receipt.
Even the packaging is a reflection of your goal and/or objective. If items are important enough to send out, then proper packaging is essential.
Multiple items and multiple destinations in the distribution channel are preplanned and controlled by skilled managers. Our service is guaranteed.

Quality Distribution and Fulfillment is a service company composed of highly skilled and experienced staff members. Internally, our staff can and will custom design any project or program to fit you needs. Our fulfillment service not only provides fast, efficient and economic distribution but our service capablities also include key management information to control inventory, budgets, and other resources.

For major distributions, we provide the framework - The Allocation Report. For stock levels and summary activity, we provide a detailed listing - The Inventory Report. For individual unit activity, we provide a detailed listing - The Distributor Report. These primary reports provide essential management information for control of budgets, inventory, expenses and sales.

If you are considering Quality Distribution and Fulfillment as your fulfillment solution provider and would more information, please Click Here.

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