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Fulfillment and Inventory Management Experience

20 years experience in the fulfillment and distribution industryOver the past 20 years, we have handled all different types of products and provided a variation of services for our clients. Our software, over the years has expanded to be able to handle the different needs for our clients.

Here is a list of some of the fulfillment services we have provided over the years:

  • Individual Health Benefit Kits, 30,000 employees, all custom with benefit card, masterpacked to 230+ locations
  • Initial Coffee Launch for 7-11 Stores
  • Meeting-in-a-box for all 9000+ Blockbuster locations
  • Container unload and distribution to retail distribution centers
  • Airline potato chip sampling, regular shipments to distribution facility
  • Phone ordering for 100+ sales-force, individual ordering processing
  • Shrink wrap multi-piece items together, retail package, process and ship daily orders
  • Facilitate logistics cordination with major EDI providers and handle data transfer between client and retailer
  • Coordinate final destination between overseas freight brokers and freight forwarders
  • Individual electronic billing for mulit-location client
  • Print-on-demand solution for leasing agent training sessions
  • Replace electronics on large commercial smokers and re-assemble and package for final destination
  • Online ordering for multiple locations assigning specific inventory items to each location
  • Consolidated online reporting for home office or accounting/purchasing department
  • Schedule and ship new store opening kits
  • In-house fulfillment company for many different printers, print brokers, and advertising agencies
  • Shipping, packaging, and labeling for shipments to GSA or Government Distribution Centers
  • Bar-Code replacement and distribution of bar-code labels to retailers
  • Handling of baby items, china, electronics, furniture, fabrics, printed materials, pop displays, and other items

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